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Apr 20, 2014 / 1 note

I just have too many suppressed feelings when I visited Ueno Park a couple of weeks back. This was not my first visit during spring, but definitely a first witnessing cheery blossoms in full bloom, and it was beautiful! 

I took a risk leaving work for the sake of my parents’ request to visit them. During my entire visit I’ve been juggling work, more work and family affairs, and it was bananas! My 14-day itinerary was packed that I had to sleep earliest at 3am and to wake up the following day at 7:30am, to please what I left and where I am. I have countless thanks to technology and awesome internet service Japan has!

I am definitely going back, hopefully to hangout under the cherry blossom trees with awesome company over laughter, food and drinks ;) 

Now about what I wore, I was determined to keep that spring vibe by keeping color black out of my color palette. I just thought my floral maxi skirt will be perfect, but since it was extra chilly that day I paired it with a winter Mary Quant coat in my favorite mustard yellow. As you notice I even used the concept of balance here, winter + summer = spring! LOL

On me: Mary Quant coat; turtleneck from Uniqlo; maxi skirt from Apartment 8 Clothing; bag from Louis Vuitton and boots (not seen) from Stradivarius

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And because today’s easter.. more sakira photos coming up! Happy Easter! ♡

Apr 18, 2014 / 2 notes

There can never be any perfect timing wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt when your destination is Disneyland! Well, in my case Disney Sea — the part of the theme park I prefer, attraction wise. I memorized the whole park like a map is drawn at the back of my palm!

Bring me to Tokyo Disneyland and it’ll take me a while to remember, but still map-schmap, who needs it! :)) 

Disney Sea was made for everyone’s favorite mermaid, Ariel. Part of this park also includes pretty much the characters/movies related to water, with Arabian Coast/Agrabah, Indiana Jones and Toy Story put in between. Sounds confusing but it was well-connected that it actually made sense once you’re there. 

In case you’ll be visiting Disney Sea, here are the attractions worth queuing for: 

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth - Pretty much why the volcano was built. The idea is once the volcano erupts, there goes the coaster you are on!
  • Ranging Spirits - Another roller coaster with a loop. Lockers are available to have your Mickey merchandise placed and secured.
  • Tower of Terror - My ultimate fave! An elevator ride that will drop you 4 storeys high. (self-confessed heights junkie here!)

Attractions at Disney Sea are more for the taste of adults, and so as their menu! Alcohol is being served at their restaurants. 

Oh and if you notice that bear in a backpack, that’s Shellie Mae (paired to Duffy). I nearly curse those bears as they are the reason of endless queues outside the store of Uncle Scrooge. I tell you it’s bananas!!! I remember four years ago, it was only me who appreciates Duffy and I can take photos with every mascot I see.. Oh what awesome marketing can do! Duffy and Shellie Mae are more popular than Donald and Daisy now! D: #ilovedaisy

PS: Watch out for the Disney Villains at the final show! The projections are insanely beautiful!!! And Mickey speaks Nihongo. :))) 

[On me: Zip up flank jacket from Love Army; Mickey shirt from Bershka; beaning from Ever New; skirt from Lowry’s Farm; leggings from CK; bag from Zara and shoes from H&M]

PPS: Those H&M spring boots is perfect for long walks! <3 

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Apr 12, 2014 / 1 note

My newly discovered Japanese brand, MURUA. 

Just look at the first photo, I can select most of it in just one look! I am all too giddy since their recent s/s collection mostly features black and whites and borders with light materials which makes all so perfect to my liking and Manila’s way-beyond-body-temperature! 

And who would not love those shoes and circle lensed shades? Every piece stands for a statement. The only thing is Murua’s size is structured to Japanese girls’ frames, and I am lucky enough to fit into it and not really cause my feet are too huge for their shoes. </3

Here’s my look featuring a Murua border pullover. 

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On me: Sunnies by Charlie shades; border pullover from Murua; midi skirt from Lowry’s Farm; shoes from H&M 

Cause Solamachi Mall wishes to have a sakura tree at their deck, so there. 
Apr 12, 2014 / 1 note

Cause Solamachi Mall wishes to have a sakura tree at their deck, so there. 

Apr 11, 2014 / 1 note

Tokyo Central Business District. 

Apr 10, 2014 / 12 notes

"I was just enjoying everything, when I realized I haven&#8217;t thought of you. I haven&#8217;t wished you were here, I didn&#8217;t utter your name under my breath.. and I am happy, I know you are too, and I see nothing wrong with it."
Apr 3, 2014 / 5 notes

"I was just enjoying everything, when I realized I haven’t thought of you. I haven’t wished you were here, I didn’t utter your name under my breath.. and I am happy, I know you are too, and I see nothing wrong with it."

Mar 29, 2014 / 2 notes

Sushi kinda night! 

"To look out for sunrise and chase after sunset." 
I always have a thing about the heavens, too bad my camera only permits me to capture the sun in it. Guess I see stars too precious enough, only my eyes deserve to appreciate its beauty and my memory as its souvenir. 
Always a pleasure to have the best view of you. 
Mar 28, 2014 / 4 notes

"To look out for sunrise and chase after sunset." 

I always have a thing about the heavens, too bad my camera only permits me to capture the sun in it. Guess I see stars too precious enough, only my eyes deserve to appreciate its beauty and my memory as its souvenir. 

Always a pleasure to have the best view of you. 

Mar 27, 2014 / 7 notes

Tonight’s dinner. 

Dec 31, 2013

2013 Throwback!



First project for the year! 

Did a lookbook shoot for Glamour. I must say this was the quickest 10-layout shoot in history! Looking forward working with them again!


Kicking off my marketing responsibilities with Piaf. 


This sums up my pre-production work, well the pretty/happy parts. 

[l-r: going home too late for anyone’s imagination, dressing up for press cons, trying to be healthy while stress eating, radio ad recordings; emergency coffee from Lawyn, boredom while stuck in traffic and ootd, flowers for opening night; caught up with Markki, waiting game for cast party, the glorious set and with Giselle at the cast party]


With our mom at work, Ms. Liza Camus, Claire and Karen; taken at the opening night of Piaf.

I had to wrap every task as early as possible cause I filed a leave because of….



this. ;)


My first and second travel for the year happened on this month! 



I was being sneaky when I took this photo as we open our 2nd production for the year, The Full Monty. 

That’s the cast with their director praying before opening the house. 

This was the start when my life revolved nothing else but work. — You’ll see what I mean. 



Yet opening Disney’s Tarzan the moment we closed our previous show. This is one of the photos I took during one the technical runs at Meralco Theater. 

Highlight: Handled press cons, mall shows, and endless list of guests!!! 



Cause we know we are super heroes, so we opened yet another show as soon as Tarzan closed. Rock of Ages: The Repeat Run

One of my career highlights from 2012. This was and still the production with sold out tickets! 

Highlight: My shots from tech run got published on broadsheets! Totally happy not giving up on my photography skills, bit rusty, but still working! 



Highlight: While doing pre-production work for September, me and my college friends was able to squeeze in a photoshoot. Above is the most decent group shot we got. 



Meet Lawrence Cohen, the book and screenwriter of Carrie; oh and behind him is my boss and director Bobby Garcia. 


The men behind and on stage of Carrie. Not too sure if you spot me here :p 

Highlight: We have gone through hell and heaven with this show. This is the most challenging part of my career to date, but completely rewarding and worth it! Another highlight is to personally meet and be friends with Larry, such a humble, sweet person! His short stay in Manila will forever be cherished. 

PS: I still can’t wrap my head who I meet with my job!!!!! 


During in mid-produciton of Carrie, I was able to nod my head to my buddy Kars and Pearl for a lookbook shoot featuring Love Army’s 5-Panel Caps Fiore and Copperhead. 

Always a pleasure having my favorite photographer around! ;D 



Then the randomness in me and a couple of friends kicked in. To Bangkok we went as soon as I closed Carrie! Photos above pretty much summarize how our quick yet fun off country adventure was!

Highlight: Everything! This was my first off country trip without parental guidance. 


“You can’t control the past, but you can control where you go next.”



Highlight: That random roadtrip to Tagaytay with my favorite crew!



Ah, my birthday month! It was this month me and my college clique got clingier with each other. 

Photo above was Kars and Sam’s random visit at my flat with all the happy food and balloons (only one seen here) and greeted me a Happy Birthday, and it happened 3 days earlier to the actual date. /crazybaboons 


Visited Love Army’s booth at Rockwell tent after one of the Sunday shows of The Addams Family. 

I told you, “clingier.”



The cast and crew of The Addams Family! Whoa.. I mentioned 6 shows already?! Well my 2013 was that fast. 

Highlight: First time to have PRs published on broadsheets! Now, there’s the writer in me!


And that’s us still intact on the Eve of X’mas Eve, not getting over each others faces. 

Now that wraps up:

  • 6 shows
  • 5 times of detox
  • too many to count stress eating
  • hating Mariah Carey, all thanks to what I witnessed in Bangkok
  • to discovering the wonders of dry shampoo
  • 18 press conferences
  • to crashing our company car
  • contributing to social responsibilities and charities
  • and to letting go on to something I have no idea why I was still fighting for

That’s one busy and blessed year for me. Will be posting about my holidays… soon? As of now I must prep for our NYE’s dinner. Happy Holidays kids!!! 

Dec 10, 2013 / 1 note

Reclining Buddha, Bangkok 

Dec 8, 2013 / 4 notes

A trip randomly planned over coffee, and God permitted our schedules to book it.

Back two months ago when I recently wrapped my 5th production and about to turn a year older, were my 2 reasons to fly off country over the weekend. 

Posting a video about our trip cause it’s way cooler than photos! 

PS: Apologies in advance if this made you nauseous, I have no intentions shooting this like a pro :p 

Dec 8, 2013 / 6 notes

Grand Palace, Bangkok 

Oct 20, 2013 / 3 notes

Finally a different backdrop for my outfit post! 

This was taken by my favorite human tripod, Kars while we were waiting for our delayed flight back to Manila from a weekend trip at Bangkok. 

Thing about travelling is everyone must be in their most comfy clothes since you’ll be carrying your luggage & carry-ons with you, then add the endless walking. 

So my uniform, a cropped sweater from Bershka to keep me warm while on board, a high-waisted skirt from Forever21 to keep that casual skater vibe, Love Army’s Copperhead cap and boots to complete the look! 

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