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  • MiG Ayesa has officially touched down Manila at exactly 10:15pm at NAIA Terminal 1; for Atlantis Productions’ Rock of Ages Manila! 

    Finally the cast is complete and all set to rock! \m/

    Show will be opening on June 15 - July 8, 2012 at RCBC Plaza, Makati. For tickets, call Atlantis Productions at 892 7078 / 840 1187, or visit http://www.atlantisproductionsinc.com

    PS: I was able to ask him what Filipino words he still knows, he answered the usuals mabuhay, mahal kita… and then “kachichas”. I was dumbfounded! Another kengkoy guy I met! :))))

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  • ASAP 2012 [05272012]: Full Circle

    Last Sunday’s Full Circle segment were meant for Star Magic talents who have also ventured the industry of theatre. 

    And most of these artists have performed and part of the growing family of Atlantis Productions; who has been bringing and keeping Broadway musicals/plays alive in the Philippines for the past 12 years, and still counting strong.

    Rock of Ages, to open at June 15, 2012. With the cast Nyoy Volante and Vina Morales, to be joined by Rock Star INXS’, MiG Ayesa. [see this post

    Disney’s Aladdin, to be premiered in Asia before it even hits Broadway! To be starred by In the Heights’s Nina, K-La Rivera and his debut in musical theatre, PBB’s Tom Rodriguez.

    As seen from Next to Normal as Henry. And my personal favorite musical, was represented by Markki Stroem.

    PS: That is Markki’s painful / kawawa face. :(

    He sang Light in the Dark, which was originally sung on-stage by Jett Pangan. 

    PPS: The song suits your voice perfectly! /being a fan and a friend :D

    Guji Lorenzana, for Legally Blonde. 

    And Peter Pan, brought Repertory Philippines.  

    Staged last October 2011, with Sam Concepcion and Tippy dos Santos.

    After prod number and ASAP Chill-out photos.

    Children’s favorite fairytale characters in real life!!! *u*

    They surely all expressed that they miss theatre and looking forward to be part of the future shows! 

    It’s been fun! From someone who’s also done theatre and be with them.. the humor, passion, and talent from each other overflows and just ticks like a clock! :)

    Special thanks to: Star Magic, ASAP 2012 and ABSCBN

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  • Lin-Manuel beside Bobby, sharing his notes during the company call with the cast and music-in-charge of In the Heights Manila.

    It’s always amusing to come in to a realization that anything that’s good can always be better. Thank you Lin-Manuel for being an inspiration to all of us! ♡

    PS: Lin-Manuel’s “hands-on” personality just makes him 1000++ times cooler :D

    [l-r: Chari Arespacochaga, Executive-in-Charge of Productions / Director; Manman Angsico, Vocal Coach; Lin-Manuel Miranda, maker of In the Heights; Ceejay Javier, Musical Director; Bobby Garcia, Producer / Director]

    Few of the best people I know and glad to be working with, from the industry I first and always love. Such an honor to have taken this photo. 

    Oh, and this was just right after Ms. Lea Salonga left. So… I was in a room with two Tony Award-winners that night! @-)) 

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  • In the Heights: The Repeat Run Press Conference

    From last season’s successful run, Atlantis Productions brings you again Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony Award winning piece… 

    [photo by: Raymund Isaac; layout and post processed by: GA Fallarme ● Photo is officially owned by Atlantis Productions, Inc.]

    Catch all the characters, songs and dances we all love as they all return and join us to another round of carnaval del barrio!

    Nyoy Volante is rapping back on stage as Usnavi. 

    K-La Rivera returns as Nina, the perfect college girl. 

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  • Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Press Conference

    Atlantis Productions with Metrobank proudly bring Disney’s The Little Mermaid on the Philippine stage. This is the first franchise after Disney brought the fairytale we all know on broadway. 

    This is directed by Bobby Garcia and Chari Arespacochaga, produced by Liza Camus along with very creative and talented people. I personally am surprised to see the meticulous “behind the scene” preparation done and still happening. 

    It’s one HUGE production no kid or adult should miss! Yep Ariel and her friends Flounder, Scuttle and even her mersisters and more are present!

    Ms. Jinky Llamanzares very intently explains her character as Ursula to the press.

    Rachelle Ann Go excitedly shares the thought behind her costume as Ariel. 

    Rachelle with her Prince, Erik Santos are both first-timers to act on stage. And states the pressure and excitement they feel few dates before the show. 

    These two are too cute and funny to watch. They’re like kids teasing each other the whole time. XD 

    PS: There’s this instance Erik’s giving a spiel, me and Rachelle just kept on giggling on the side. This man is one unconscious comedian! :)) 

    OJ Mariano to play Sebastian. I can’t wait to hear him sing Under the Sea!!! :D

    Mr. Calvin Milado showing off his humor as he spills his experience being King Triton.


    The cast’s obligatory shot! :)) 

    I am very excited to see everyone’s hard work come to life. 

    Go and watch with me under the sea! Curtain opens on the 18th of November and will run until the 11th of December. For more information you can visit Atlantis Productions

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  • 2011 Broadway World Philippines Awards

    Go ahead and judge me, but I am personally rooting for Next to Normal by Atlantis Productions. Forgive me but from their director, to the cast, up to the team behind this production deserve to be recognized; such in an awarding like 2011 Broadway World Philippines Awards

    [Next to Normal photos are from Atlantis Productions]

    As I have blogged earlier this year, this was the first ever musicale / play made holding back tears really difficult, and watching it again just made me reach for my friend’s hanky. That’s how painfully beautiful Next to Normal is. I’m pretty sure those who have seen it can relate to how I felt about this production.

    Please help me support this production or if not just show your love for theater and vote for whoever you wish right here :) 

    And yeah, I’m not giving you guys any hints right here, but do VOTE FOR MARKKI STROEM. Bear in mind I AM NOT CAMPAIGNING FOR MARKKI. There is no alliance happening here. Crystal? ;) /shamelessplugging /VOTEFORMARKKI :))

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