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2011 Broadway World Philippines Awards

Go ahead and judge me, but I am personally rooting for Next to Normal by Atlantis Productions. Forgive me but from their director, to the cast, up to the team behind this production deserve to be recognized; such in an awarding like 2011 Broadway World Philippines Awards

[Next to Normal photos are from Atlantis Productions]

As I have blogged earlier this year, this was the first ever musicale / play made holding back tears really difficult, and watching it again just made me reach for my friend’s hanky. That’s how painfully beautiful Next to Normal is. I’m pretty sure those who have seen it can relate to how I felt about this production.

Please help me support this production or if not just show your love for theater and vote for whoever you wish right here :) 

And yeah, I’m not giving you guys any hints right here, but do VOTE FOR MARKKI STROEM. Bear in mind I AM NOT CAMPAIGNING FOR MARKKI. There is no alliance happening here. Crystal? ;) /shamelessplugging /VOTEFORMARKKI :))

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