Park Min Hyuk for Laneíge

I was fortunate enough to be invited for a skin care and makeup tutorial brought by Laneíge, as conducted by one of the well-known celebrity makeup artists in Korea, Park Min Hyuk held at Shangri-La Mall.

He clearly emphasizes the importance of prepping ones face before applying makeup. As most of us Filipinos, we’re used to directly applying concealer or foundation the moment after we washed our faces.

It was discussed that moisturizer and sunblock is a must to be applied before anything else. This keeps ones face healthy and well protected. 

Massaging is helpful too whenever you apply moisturizer on your face, it helps your skin to fully absorb which keeps the moisture in! 

One of the products he used called BB Bomb. Instead of the usual on tube BB Cream we all know this one is on a compact case - good idea to use it thorough right? ;)

The product that I have my eye on ✓

Park also mentioned that Koreans go for more naturally looking kind of makeup. As he said, “You still want people to recognize how you look like with or without makeup on.” That I strongly agree on! 

Everyday makeup, that’s what he taught to us earlier today. Very helpful for us ladies who go to work without pulling too much makeup materials every morning but still looking pretty and fresh to face whoever that lasts day-long! 

So here’s a quick guide I got for you ladies:

  • Clean your face
  • Apply moisturizer and sunblock thinly
  • Apply foundation using your fingertips or a brush (for fuller coverage)
  • Use neutral colored eyeshadow. Do use an applicator for better blending
  • Fix your brows with a help of eyebrow pencil and corrector
  • Apply eyeliner on your waterlines 
  • Curl your lashes first before applying mascara
  • Blush should be applied on the apples of your cheeks (oblong shaped faces) and from cheekbones vertically inward for round shaped faces
  • Use a highlighter forming an S shape starting the stroke beneath your eyes, in between your nose and apples of cheeks, ending it just below your cheeks towards your lips. 
  • Choose a lipgloss nearest to the color of your lipstick

As Laneíge is known for keeping you naturally beautiful that protects and cares for your skin as well. I personally cannot wait to try the products I have and brag all about it! :)

Laneíge do have products for men’s skin care as well.


Dual Foundation. The unique click about this one is it goes with concealer already, talk about hitting two birds with one stone! This one gives you that watery moisture finish. 

I’m eyeing on this too! ✓

In time for this tutorial, is Laneíge’s launch for their new Holiday 2011 collection.

Seung Ye Kyo is Laneíge’s brand ambassador. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? :)   

An obligatory photo with Park Min Hyuk. 안녕하세요!!! (^__^)

Funny how he identified the scent I was wearing right after this shot was taken! He’s good! :)) 

Please, please do visit Laneíge to know more of their lovely products! Laneíge can be located at Shangri-La Mall, SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma 

Heaps of thanks Laneíge! ♡

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