An out of nowhere meet-up, with two of my favorite people and forever group mates in our four years stay in college; Kars and Issa. ♡

Since it is Friday, why not eat and be thankful for this spontaneous dine-out? TGIF indeed! 

Reunited! It has been a while since these two last saw each other. Ayiiii.. Hahaha!

Super happy to hang with her again! I consider her as my little sister, who apparently wears more make-up and dresses sexier than I do. ;)) Stay gorgeous sis!

PS: I need to learn fixing myself more. I look too nene whenever I’m beside my friends! XD 

Fried mac and cheese

Seafood platter

Friday’s sundae

TGIF’s food didn’t really amaze me, everything I ate here (even before) were all usual, except for their huge servings of dessert. Yay! I got one more added to my list where to get sugar high!  

A night full of laughters, food, reminiscing and pure friendship with endless topics to laugh more about. 

Note: This is the best way to beat rush hour on a weekend. Catch up with friends, have a good time, until the terrible traffic subsides. Yes? :)) 

Thank God it’s Fridate! Yay! 

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