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  • Garage: Young Talents 2012

    Young people gathered last night at Skye as Garage Magazine celebrates great talents from young achievers.

    And there’s no way to beat the heat, so why not welcome it with a party on a roofdeck? 

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  • A Sundate with Gelo & Kars! And this time, we’ve gone Japanese!! 

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  • Trolling Kars #truestory

    The other side of his story.

    Was tapped to bring the guest of honor to his own surprise party. I was a bit strange, Kars noticed it as well. Me not being on-the-dot for meetings, “chill drive”, not carrying my iPad or any notepad for a “client meeting”. Demmit that he knows me too well! #loopwhole :))

    But still everything happened effortlessly, both of our jobs ended earlier than expected. :)) I dragged this buddy of mine everywhere, made him do everything as he does it all willingly without second thoughts (at first).

    1640H: Met up at BHS, I was all giddy to see the launch of Native footwear was happening that day! [Thought bubble: This will be a piece of cake]

    • ☑ Made him ate at BHS, as he’s requesting to eat somewhere in Ortigas
    • ☑ Checked out the happenings around BHS
    • ☑ Killed 2 hours

    .. just in time for our 1900H meeting at The Podium. ;)

    Until we came in just in time, but… Next mission, kill another 45mins. as guests were not complete yet #challengeaccepted

    • ☑ Meeting was moved to 1930H
    • ☑ Made a tour all over the mall
    • ☑ Went to a toy store (killed lotsa minutes, yay!)
    • ☒ Told him to let our “client” intentionally wait for us and let them think we were late (FAIL!!! Just so unlikely to be me!!!)


    His face, PRICELESS.

    Oh now you know how it feels like, even-steven? #willnotsaysorry :p :))

    PS: To the mastermind and connivances, Kars is all ooey-gooey with the gesture! #highfives #goodjob

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  • Last Monday

    From styling a photo shoot..

    [Photos are from Kars]

    .. to visiting my good friend Markki at his music video shoot. 

    I’ve seen how hands-on Markki is, starting from composing the song, up to creating and executing this video (embeded below).

    Great job to you and to the amazing team! Obviously, it was wisely done :) 

    The cinematography is genius! /slowclaps

    In other news, you can see more of Markki on his concert with Philippine’s best dance company G Force, titled Make Me Sweat, on the 4th of February at the Music Museum. For tickets you may call Ticketworld 891 9999 or you can just pop me a message. 

    See you there? ;) 

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  • Photobucket



    From last Monday’s thingy-jingy. 

    Just give us a camera, and we’re all good to entertain ourselves. :D Forgive me for posting too much .gifs @-))

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  • Lunchbreak

    Sorry for photo diarrhea.. This arvo is just too fun! 

    Lunchbreak = WIG FITTING! :))

    Notice mine from any broadway musicals? I got a Tracy Turnblad hair! XD Kars’ look will pass for Rock of Ages, and Claire just fits in perfectly with a short hair :) 

    Thank God for giving me awesome friends. Just in perfect timing for some catch-ups and cheer-ups. ♡

    Have an awesome weekend guise! 

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  • It’s been awhile Boracay. [2/3]

    Day 2 was scheduled for adventure! XD

    Me & my family decided to go on island hopping, and my favorite.. snorkeling! Yay!

    And these made me really REALLY want to jump in for scuba diving. T____T 

    Calling Karsten, Ken and Dianne / my snorkeling buddies!!! Let us, please? :) 

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