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  • Lunchbreak

    Sorry for photo diarrhea.. This arvo is just too fun! 

    Lunchbreak = WIG FITTING! :))

    Notice mine from any broadway musicals? I got a Tracy Turnblad hair! XD Kars’ look will pass for Rock of Ages, and Claire just fits in perfectly with a short hair :) 

    Thank God for giving me awesome friends. Just in perfect timing for some catch-ups and cheer-ups. ♡

    Have an awesome weekend guise! 

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  • Friday Routine

    Last night was Markki’s last gig at Eton Centris, and we achieved yet again perfect attendance amongst us four of his greatest fans(?) :)) We’re just supportive with each other like that ;)

    While giving his take on the song “Broken Vow”. 

    Using a critical eye as part of the audience (setting friendship aside), Markki never fails to surprise me, that goes in every single show I have watched. This boy just keeps improving his craft and is never afraid to reinvent himself in front of everyone.

    And yes, I am proud. All of us are! ‘Grats again! :D

    That’s RJ and my sister Royanne. Me and Mac find it amusing to see how these two click together! Huraaah!

    PS: RJ looks like a litol boy! :)) Love you dears! 

    And because RJ is now officially a blogger, I assigned myself to take his outfit photos! :)) Do hype his look right here

    Please, please do check out his blog James to the World and let us all welcome him by following it! Yehey! 

    Speaking of outfit photos and while Markki’s having a photo op with his fans, myself and Mac had our turn in front of the camera too! :)) Thank you Royanne for these shots! 

    Do hype my look right here

    PS: If you guys have not yet noticed, we suck at group shots. :| 

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  • Last Wednesday after work, me and my buddies off to meet up at Kyss for a certain boy. 

    The traffic from The Fort to Makati. And it’s not even Friday night!

    Gah! I love that the place is screaming with color RED! :D

    [Photos below are from RP Events]

    The whole gang all present for the boy in blue shirt. Belated happy birthday dear Ken! :) 

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