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  • Eastwood Mall, Quezon CIty

    My first time to try eating here.


    Binagoongan. Ain’t it obvious I nom for this? :)) Crisostomo’s has gata (coconut milk) on it and overpowers the bagoong’s (shrimp paste) taste. Cafe Juanita’s and Abe’s are still my faves. :p

    Tuna belly

  • Cafe Juanita

    A strip from Burgos Circle, The Fort.

    One of the best binagoongans I’ve tasted. A must try and repeat!

    I failed to photograph their food as my battery gone empty. :( Will definitely eat here again, as to everything we ordered (fried rice w/ crab meat, binagoongan, korean beef stew, sisig with tofu and chicharong bulaklak) were all familiar in name but deliciously new to our taste buds! :p And I loooove the ambience too!!

    ♡ Jorx

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