Garage: Young Talents 2012

Young people gathered last night at Skye as Garage Magazine celebrates great talents from young achievers.

And there’s no way to beat the heat, so why not welcome it with a party on a roofdeck? 

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Ipanema Partners With 5 Filipino Designers for Resort Wear Collection 2012

Manila, Philippines — The changing of fashion seasons is enough to keep most stylistas on their toes – literally.

So fashion-forward men and women, brace yourselves as Ipanema, the stylish Brazilian flip-flop brand, is once again showcasing its latest Resort Wear Collection for Spring-Summer 2012 at the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week.

Ipanema’s stylish followers can welcome the warm and sunny weather by donning a chic summer dress, highlighted by the perfect pair of flip-flops from the Spring-Summer collection.

This year, Ipanema collaborated with five Filipino designers to create their own clothing design inspired by the collection. The five designers, Catherine Cavilte, Lyle Ibanez, Anthony Nocom, Dave Ocampo and Raoul Ramirez, crafted the Resort Wear Collection that featured distinctive style and design, one that truly underscores vivacious living.

These five fashion mavens were chosen not only for their modern and edgy design visions but also for their understanding of Filipinos’ discerning style and taste.

Anthony Nocom

Also known as “Tonichi,” Nocom has been designing men’s wear since the 1980s.  For Ipanema’s Resort Wear Collection, he said that it is the kind that one would wear from dusk to evening at a resort for a night of partying.

 “The collection is not your regular t-shirt or tank top with board shorts, but more of a classier and dressier kind,” Nocom futher enthuses. “Using fabrics in cotton, linens, silk blends, jersey knits and more, combined with a relaxed and cool attitude — one is surely dressed in luxe style for any high-end resort,” he added.

Nocom’s look was inspired from the bold beach colors from the Ipanema Surf Tomas Masc II and the classic black and white tribal prints of Ipanema Classica Urbana Masc.

“The colors of my collection are neutrals—white, blue to black, with bright colors as accents. With Ipanema’s collection for men to match the clothes is so perfect with my fashion collection,” Nocom said.

Catherine Cavilte

Cavilte was hailed as one of the “12 Young Designers To Watch Out For” by a local fashion magazine. She is the youngest of the bunch that were chosen to create a look inspired by an Ipanema flip-flop.

She said her designs for Ipanema’s Resort Wear Collections complement spring/summer elegance that features earthy tones and animal prints mounted on plain silk satins.  She said the Ipanema Appliques Ad II and Ipanema Classica Envolvente can be easily paired with her flowy dresses that ladies can wear casually on the beach or at dinner parties.


Dave Ocampo

Ocampo’s clothing designs feature a lot of tailored cuts, geometric shapes and figures.  He said when designing, he considers class, glamour and elegance.  He is drawn to Victorian and Wall Street fashion as well as corporate looks. 

His contribution to the Resort Wear Collection 2012 highlights a more relaxed look with more skin and very light in terms of fabric, complementing the floral accents of the Ipanema Ritmos Ad and the Ipanema Ritmos III Ad.

“My collection celebrates the colors of summer and feminism to emphasize the silhouette of women. With that I used spandex and stretch tool material with floral and circular prints combined with bright and vibrant colors that are very comfortable in terms of cuts and designs,” Cavilte describes, “and with that, only a footwear like Ipanema can match my collection for this season.”

Lyle Ibanez

Ibanez’s look for Ipanema Resort Wear Collection 2012 was inspired from the Ipanema Ritmos II Ad, a sling back flip-flops that has flowers appliqués and subtle geometric patterns.

Inspired by his numerous travels abroad, matched with his personal style philosophy of always staying comfortable, Ibanez’s designs can be worn on the beach or on fabulous night-outs.

“It’s very structured, and yet still soft. I also went crazy with colors from pastels to brights, with lots of interesting silhouettes and rich fabrics like silk dupione, chiffon and jerseys,” Ibanez shares.

Raoul Ramirez

At last year’s Spring-Summer fashion week, Ramirez created a collection defined by foil safari prints.  His garments were sweeping floor-length gowns with billowy ombré trains and various close-necked jackets, square-leg shorts, vests, and trousers for men.

For Ipanema Resort Wear Collection 2012, he created a look that based on the metallic characteristics of the Ipanema New Trance Fem and the floral accents of the elevated aesthetics of the Ipanema Ritmos Ad.  

Partners In Style 

Style-conscious individuals can expect more glam this season as Ipanema and five fashion mavens join forces in creating a collection that is truly tasteful and vibrant.

To check out the list of stores carrying the Ipanema Spring-Summer Collection ’12, you may visit their website at or like them on Facebook at

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PhFW Spring-Summer 2012: Freego

Cool & Dry collection

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PhFW Spring-Summer 2012: Freego

Midnight Hunter collection

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PFW Holiday 2011: MEMO

As MEMO celebrates its anniversary it offers a whole collection of stylish smart casuals to corporate attire. Woohoo for awesome cuts, linings, and styles for people who are in the corporate world! \o/ Their creations are NY inspired especially made for Filipinos.  

Special thanks to MEMO for the invites and awesome ramp seats. :) 

PS: I just lurve people who do power dress at their workplace! 

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PFW Holiday 2011: Women’s Wear by SM Dept. Store

SM Dept. Store is now the “run-at” store on everything’s on-trend. From everyone’s obsession on color-blocking, to corporate attire, up to tribal prints - you can find it! The best deal, its reasonable value and good quality.  

Special thanks to SM Dept. Store!! :)

PS: Ms. Divine and her V, spotted. :)) 

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Cosmopolitan continues to invade the hottest bars at Manila! And last night they whack the party up at Manor, Eastwood City.

From DJ’s booth point of view, as we do tech run.

Prepping up and that’s my doodle for SM models’ blockings and traffic. 

What I wore that night. :)

With DJ Karol and Sam, all ready for the show!

Ladies Wear by SM Dept. Store; pity how I wasn’t able to cover it (again!). It’s a struggle for me as a director to see how everything went and cover at the same time. I tried to multitask though.. and there! Just. One. Shot. /lame </3

Do visit the store! I’ve seen the dresses off and on show, the styles and materials used are all lovely! Plus the accessories… /sigh :) The best thing about SM, everything’s practically affordable! /adorbs! ♡

The whole gang who came to party with us! ● [top: Thian, a model; Jan from ABSCBN; Maike of GForce; below: Gelo from OMD Agency; Sam of Summit Media; and Yours Truly, from nowhere :)) ]

Special thanks to: SM Dept. Store’s Ladies Wear, San Miguel Beer and Summit Media! 

It turned out to be a fun, awesome, successful event! Hooorah! \o/

Catch Cosmopolitan Hunks and other models as they rock the club scene at these dates and places: Republiq at 7th May and LAX at 14th May! See you there! :D

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