"Ikaw Na" MiG Ayesa

Upon arriving to MiG’s dressing room, he gave a fair warning, “I always do things on live TV to embarrass myself.. but I’m kinda used to it. Stop me if I do!” Then I told him to just be himself and he’ll be fine. 

After his briefing, we’re now on stand by, in 3.. 2.. 1..

And when he stood up, “here we go” I told myself.. 

..then there goes the lap dance. :)))

One of the best things everyone should know about MiG Ayesa besides he’s insanely modest and cracking funny? He’s full of surprises to blow your mind. 

MiG meeting the three anchors of Bandila, Karen, Julius and Ces. 

It’s been fun! Thank you to the staff and crew of Bandila. 

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ASAP 2012 [05272012]: Full Circle Pre-prod

Here are some shots I did while they were blocking for the Full Circle production last Sunday. Enjoy! :)

Markki waiting for his cue

K-La and Tom being directed by Mr. Johnny Manahan.

Tom and Markki saying hi! :D

Vina and Nyoy right after rehearsing their song. 

PS: Watch out for the complete cast of Rock of Ages this coming Sunday with Rock Star INXS MiG Ayesa at ASAP 2012! :D

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MiG Ayesa has officially touched down Manila at exactly 10:15pm at NAIA Terminal 1; for Atlantis Productions’ Rock of Ages Manila! 

Finally the cast is complete and all set to rock! \m/

Show will be opening on June 15 - July 8, 2012 at RCBC Plaza, Makati. For tickets, call Atlantis Productions at 892 7078 / 840 1187, or visit http://www.atlantisproductionsinc.com

PS: I was able to ask him what Filipino words he still knows, he answered the usuals mabuhay, mahal kita… and then “kachichas”. I was dumbfounded! Another kengkoy guy I met! :))))

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ASAP 2012 [05272012]: Full Circle

Last Sunday’s Full Circle segment were meant for Star Magic talents who have also ventured the industry of theatre. 

And most of these artists have performed and part of the growing family of Atlantis Productions; who has been bringing and keeping Broadway musicals/plays alive in the Philippines for the past 12 years, and still counting strong.

Rock of Ages, to open at June 15, 2012. With the cast Nyoy Volante and Vina Morales, to be joined by Rock Star INXS’, MiG Ayesa. [see this post

Disney’s Aladdin, to be premiered in Asia before it even hits Broadway! To be starred by In the Heights’s Nina, K-La Rivera and his debut in musical theatre, PBB’s Tom Rodriguez.

As seen from Next to Normal as Henry. And my personal favorite musical, was represented by Markki Stroem.

PS: That is Markki’s painful / kawawa face. :(

He sang Light in the Dark, which was originally sung on-stage by Jett Pangan. 

PPS: The song suits your voice perfectly! /being a fan and a friend :D

Guji Lorenzana, for Legally Blonde. 

And Peter Pan, brought Repertory Philippines.  

Staged last October 2011, with Sam Concepcion and Tippy dos Santos.

After prod number and ASAP Chill-out photos.

Children’s favorite fairytale characters in real life!!! *u*

They surely all expressed that they miss theatre and looking forward to be part of the future shows! 

It’s been fun! From someone who’s also done theatre and be with them.. the humor, passion, and talent from each other overflows and just ticks like a clock! :)

Special thanks to: Star Magic, ASAP 2012 and ABSCBN

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adidas Originals: Leave a Legacy

adidas launched “Leave a Legacy” campaign while summer is at its finest here in Manila. How? With a sunset BBQ party! :D

PS: There’s nothing appetizing in this photo, but I promise you everything tasted gooood! Even the mojito! :p 

A shout out to Greenbulb, thank you! #youknowwhoyouare

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Despedida for Miranda

No other way to have a perfect despedida but in an old Spanish house at Intramuros, called Ilustrado. 

Result of being an early bird, or so called organizer :))

Go spot Mr. Miranda, K-La Rivera, Michael de Mesa, Tex Ordonez and Nyoy Volante. 

Daughter-mom duet of “Ugoy” from Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco and Ms. Pilita Corales with Nyoy Volante. This made me miss my mom ♡

The In the Heights Manila cast with the original Usnavi, performing In the Heights acoustic version with the accompaniment of the UsnaPinoy, Nyoy. :)

Ms. Lea Salonga capturing a surreal moment. 

The good times continues = a lot more happened ;D

Jorx: How come I never had a photo with you? 

Lin-Manuel: That’s ok, let’s have one. 

Lin-Manuel: The camera chopped my head off! Let’s do that again!

My thought bubble: I have a photo with Lin-Manuel!! :))

Salamat Lin-Manuel. The past week was just surreal to all of us. And last night was truly EPIC!

You’ll be flying 30 mins. from now back to NY, Manila already misses you! Until next time dude, pare! WEPA!

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Garage: Young Talents 2012

Young people gathered last night at Skye as Garage Magazine celebrates great talents from young achievers.

And there’s no way to beat the heat, so why not welcome it with a party on a roofdeck? 

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In the Heights: The Repeat Run Press Conference

From last season’s successful run, Atlantis Productions brings you again Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony Award winning piece… 

[photo by: Raymund Isaac; layout and post processed by: GA Fallarme ● Photo is officially owned by Atlantis Productions, Inc.]

Catch all the characters, songs and dances we all love as they all return and join us to another round of carnaval del barrio!

Nyoy Volante is rapping back on stage as Usnavi. 

K-La Rivera returns as Nina, the perfect college girl. 

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Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Press Conference

Atlantis Productions with Metrobank proudly bring Disney’s The Little Mermaid on the Philippine stage. This is the first franchise after Disney brought the fairytale we all know on broadway. 

This is directed by Bobby Garcia and Chari Arespacochaga, produced by Liza Camus along with very creative and talented people. I personally am surprised to see the meticulous “behind the scene” preparation done and still happening. 

It’s one HUGE production no kid or adult should miss! Yep Ariel and her friends Flounder, Scuttle and even her mersisters and more are present!

Ms. Jinky Llamanzares very intently explains her character as Ursula to the press.

Rachelle Ann Go excitedly shares the thought behind her costume as Ariel. 

Rachelle with her Prince, Erik Santos are both first-timers to act on stage. And states the pressure and excitement they feel few dates before the show. 

These two are too cute and funny to watch. They’re like kids teasing each other the whole time. XD 

PS: There’s this instance Erik’s giving a spiel, me and Rachelle just kept on giggling on the side. This man is one unconscious comedian! :)) 

OJ Mariano to play Sebastian. I can’t wait to hear him sing Under the Sea!!! :D

Mr. Calvin Milado showing off his humor as he spills his experience being King Triton.


The cast’s obligatory shot! :)) 

I am very excited to see everyone’s hard work come to life. 

Go and watch with me under the sea! Curtain opens on the 18th of November and will run until the 11th of December. For more information you can visit Atlantis Productions

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Ipanema Partners With 5 Filipino Designers for Resort Wear Collection 2012

Manila, Philippines — The changing of fashion seasons is enough to keep most stylistas on their toes – literally.

So fashion-forward men and women, brace yourselves as Ipanema, the stylish Brazilian flip-flop brand, is once again showcasing its latest Resort Wear Collection for Spring-Summer 2012 at the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week.

Ipanema’s stylish followers can welcome the warm and sunny weather by donning a chic summer dress, highlighted by the perfect pair of flip-flops from the Spring-Summer collection.

This year, Ipanema collaborated with five Filipino designers to create their own clothing design inspired by the collection. The five designers, Catherine Cavilte, Lyle Ibanez, Anthony Nocom, Dave Ocampo and Raoul Ramirez, crafted the Resort Wear Collection that featured distinctive style and design, one that truly underscores vivacious living.

These five fashion mavens were chosen not only for their modern and edgy design visions but also for their understanding of Filipinos’ discerning style and taste.

Anthony Nocom

Also known as “Tonichi,” Nocom has been designing men’s wear since the 1980s.  For Ipanema’s Resort Wear Collection, he said that it is the kind that one would wear from dusk to evening at a resort for a night of partying.

 “The collection is not your regular t-shirt or tank top with board shorts, but more of a classier and dressier kind,” Nocom futher enthuses. “Using fabrics in cotton, linens, silk blends, jersey knits and more, combined with a relaxed and cool attitude — one is surely dressed in luxe style for any high-end resort,” he added.

Nocom’s look was inspired from the bold beach colors from the Ipanema Surf Tomas Masc II and the classic black and white tribal prints of Ipanema Classica Urbana Masc.

“The colors of my collection are neutrals—white, blue to black, with bright colors as accents. With Ipanema’s collection for men to match the clothes is so perfect with my fashion collection,” Nocom said.

Catherine Cavilte

Cavilte was hailed as one of the “12 Young Designers To Watch Out For” by a local fashion magazine. She is the youngest of the bunch that were chosen to create a look inspired by an Ipanema flip-flop.

She said her designs for Ipanema’s Resort Wear Collections complement spring/summer elegance that features earthy tones and animal prints mounted on plain silk satins.  She said the Ipanema Appliques Ad II and Ipanema Classica Envolvente can be easily paired with her flowy dresses that ladies can wear casually on the beach or at dinner parties.


Dave Ocampo

Ocampo’s clothing designs feature a lot of tailored cuts, geometric shapes and figures.  He said when designing, he considers class, glamour and elegance.  He is drawn to Victorian and Wall Street fashion as well as corporate looks. 

His contribution to the Resort Wear Collection 2012 highlights a more relaxed look with more skin and very light in terms of fabric, complementing the floral accents of the Ipanema Ritmos Ad and the Ipanema Ritmos III Ad.

“My collection celebrates the colors of summer and feminism to emphasize the silhouette of women. With that I used spandex and stretch tool material with floral and circular prints combined with bright and vibrant colors that are very comfortable in terms of cuts and designs,” Cavilte describes, “and with that, only a footwear like Ipanema can match my collection for this season.”

Lyle Ibanez

Ibanez’s look for Ipanema Resort Wear Collection 2012 was inspired from the Ipanema Ritmos II Ad, a sling back flip-flops that has flowers appliqués and subtle geometric patterns.

Inspired by his numerous travels abroad, matched with his personal style philosophy of always staying comfortable, Ibanez’s designs can be worn on the beach or on fabulous night-outs.

“It’s very structured, and yet still soft. I also went crazy with colors from pastels to brights, with lots of interesting silhouettes and rich fabrics like silk dupione, chiffon and jerseys,” Ibanez shares.

Raoul Ramirez

At last year’s Spring-Summer fashion week, Ramirez created a collection defined by foil safari prints.  His garments were sweeping floor-length gowns with billowy ombré trains and various close-necked jackets, square-leg shorts, vests, and trousers for men.

For Ipanema Resort Wear Collection 2012, he created a look that based on the metallic characteristics of the Ipanema New Trance Fem and the floral accents of the elevated aesthetics of the Ipanema Ritmos Ad.  

Partners In Style 

Style-conscious individuals can expect more glam this season as Ipanema and five fashion mavens join forces in creating a collection that is truly tasteful and vibrant.

To check out the list of stores carrying the Ipanema Spring-Summer Collection ’12, you may visit their website at www.ipanemaphils.com or like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines.

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PhFW Spring-Summer 2012: Freego

Cool & Dry collection

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PhFW Spring-Summer 2012: Freego

Midnight Hunter collection

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Chalk Fashion Rocks 2011 

Will only be posting very random photos. :))

Me and buddy on the photo wall :))

The cutest of us all last night. Yes? 

The event’s host, Andi Manzano.

With my blogger buddies, Kars and Gelo. And the three of us coincidentally (again) were wearing gray for the event. ;)

Thanks and ‘grats Chalk Magazine! The team behind you definitely rocks! :D 

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Park Min Hyuk for Laneíge

I was fortunate enough to be invited for a skin care and makeup tutorial brought by Laneíge, as conducted by one of the well-known celebrity makeup artists in Korea, Park Min Hyuk held at Shangri-La Mall.

He clearly emphasizes the importance of prepping ones face before applying makeup. As most of us Filipinos, we’re used to directly applying concealer or foundation the moment after we washed our faces.

It was discussed that moisturizer and sunblock is a must to be applied before anything else. This keeps ones face healthy and well protected. 

Massaging is helpful too whenever you apply moisturizer on your face, it helps your skin to fully absorb which keeps the moisture in! 

One of the products he used called BB Bomb. Instead of the usual on tube BB Cream we all know this one is on a compact case - good idea to use it thorough right? ;)

The product that I have my eye on ✓

Park also mentioned that Koreans go for more naturally looking kind of makeup. As he said, “You still want people to recognize how you look like with or without makeup on.” That I strongly agree on! 

Everyday makeup, that’s what he taught to us earlier today. Very helpful for us ladies who go to work without pulling too much makeup materials every morning but still looking pretty and fresh to face whoever that lasts day-long! 

So here’s a quick guide I got for you ladies:

  • Clean your face
  • Apply moisturizer and sunblock thinly
  • Apply foundation using your fingertips or a brush (for fuller coverage)
  • Use neutral colored eyeshadow. Do use an applicator for better blending
  • Fix your brows with a help of eyebrow pencil and corrector
  • Apply eyeliner on your waterlines 
  • Curl your lashes first before applying mascara
  • Blush should be applied on the apples of your cheeks (oblong shaped faces) and from cheekbones vertically inward for round shaped faces
  • Use a highlighter forming an S shape starting the stroke beneath your eyes, in between your nose and apples of cheeks, ending it just below your cheeks towards your lips. 
  • Choose a lipgloss nearest to the color of your lipstick

As Laneíge is known for keeping you naturally beautiful that protects and cares for your skin as well. I personally cannot wait to try the products I have and brag all about it! :)

Laneíge do have products for men’s skin care as well.


Dual Foundation. The unique click about this one is it goes with concealer already, talk about hitting two birds with one stone! This one gives you that watery moisture finish. 

I’m eyeing on this too! ✓

In time for this tutorial, is Laneíge’s launch for their new Holiday 2011 collection.

Seung Ye Kyo is Laneíge’s brand ambassador. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? :)   

An obligatory photo with Park Min Hyuk. 안녕하세요!!! (^__^)

Funny how he identified the scent I was wearing right after this shot was taken! He’s good! :)) 

Please, please do visit Laneíge to know more of their lovely products! Laneíge can be located at Shangri-La Mall, SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma 

Heaps of thanks Laneíge! ♡

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