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redhead Girl Search Contest: Virtual Catwalk

Hello ladies! ♡ Lemme share to y’all the second way on how to join the search for the fresh three faces of redhead. :) Ready for the cool mechanics? Game! 

In order to join via Virtual Catwalk, every applicant should be at least 5’1” in height, 15-25 years of age and must have a single-receipt purchase of P499.75 of any redhead item from the GTW department at SM Department Store. Valid receipts are from June 2-June 30, 2011. 

I just lurve the lace detail on the purple top! :”>

Here are some of the pieces from redhead, playful and sophisticated huh? :)

Then,  go through the following steps online. 

a.     Step 1 – Fill out the registration form online at with your name, email address,  Facebook username, home/office address and contact number.

b.     Step 2 – Upload a clear photo of a single-receipt purchase of P499.75 of any redhead item from the GTW department at SM Department Store. 

c.     Step 3 – Upload a whole body picture online as based on the following guidelines: 

c1. Photos to be uploaded should be in .jpeg, .png, .gif format, 72-100 DPI, minimum dimension is 350x300pixels, maximum dimension 1024x768pixels and maximum photo is 2mb. 

c2. Entries should not contain any of the following to be considered valid:

  • o      Obscene, pornographic, or sexually-explicit content or information
  • o      Content that is considered offensive to the users, such as those which encourage the commission of an illegal, immoral or threatening activity, promote harassment, racism, hatred or discrimination against any group or individual, or provide information which you know are false, misleading, or harmful to any group or individual
  • o      Content which shows strong support or opposition to any political or religious group or person
  • o      Content which are defamatory or libelous in character or those which violate the privacy of any group or individual
  • o      Content which infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, publication right, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right, or those which promote the infringement of any party’s intellectual property rights

 d.     Step 4 – Click on the tick box* and click submit.

  * I certify that I have the rights on the photo to be submitted. By uploading this entry, I understand that Redhead has the right to use the entry without limitation. 

     Participants can submit photos online from June 2-June 30, 2011.

PS: I advise you to visit redhead booths personally as there will be free makeovers by Maybelline; and have your photos taken on an actual runway by professional photographers for your entries. Click here to view the dates and locations for the redhead booths. :)

Make sure to follow all the guidelines in order for you to qualify, ayt? Keep your entries coming! Good luck models! :D

Read my future updates for the exciting prices and perks for the finalists and future models of redhead! 

Spread the word! Thanks!

⎯ Jorx ♡

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PFW Holiday 2011: Women’s Wear by SM Dept. Store

SM Dept. Store is now the “run-at” store on everything’s on-trend. From everyone’s obsession on color-blocking, to corporate attire, up to tribal prints - you can find it! The best deal, its reasonable value and good quality.  

Special thanks to SM Dept. Store!! :)

PS: Ms. Divine and her V, spotted. :)) 

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Cosmopolitan continues to invade the hottest bars at Manila! And last night they whack the party up at Manor, Eastwood City.

From DJ’s booth point of view, as we do tech run.

Prepping up and that’s my doodle for SM models’ blockings and traffic. 

What I wore that night. :)

With DJ Karol and Sam, all ready for the show!

Ladies Wear by SM Dept. Store; pity how I wasn’t able to cover it (again!). It’s a struggle for me as a director to see how everything went and cover at the same time. I tried to multitask though.. and there! Just. One. Shot. /lame </3

Do visit the store! I’ve seen the dresses off and on show, the styles and materials used are all lovely! Plus the accessories… /sigh :) The best thing about SM, everything’s practically affordable! /adorbs! ♡

The whole gang who came to party with us! ● [top: Thian, a model; Jan from ABSCBN; Maike of GForce; below: Gelo from OMD Agency; Sam of Summit Media; and Yours Truly, from nowhere :)) ]

Special thanks to: SM Dept. Store’s Ladies Wear, San Miguel Beer and Summit Media! 

It turned out to be a fun, awesome, successful event! Hooorah! \o/

Catch Cosmopolitan Hunks and other models as they rock the club scene at these dates and places: Republiq at 7th May and LAX at 14th May! See you there! :D

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PFW Spring-Summer 2011: SM Dept. Store

Summer collection

Style and save, with SM Dept. Store clothing and accessories.

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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection 2010: SM Dept. Store

Special thanks to: Gelo dela Cruz and Kars Cabalda

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