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  • "Ikaw Na" MiG Ayesa

    Upon arriving to MiG’s dressing room, he gave a fair warning, “I always do things on live TV to embarrass myself.. but I’m kinda used to it. Stop me if I do!” Then I told him to just be himself and he’ll be fine. 

    After his briefing, we’re now on stand by, in 3.. 2.. 1..

    And when he stood up, “here we go” I told myself.. 

    ..then there goes the lap dance. :)))

    One of the best things everyone should know about MiG Ayesa besides he’s insanely modest and cracking funny? He’s full of surprises to blow your mind. 

    MiG meeting the three anchors of Bandila, Karen, Julius and Ces. 

    It’s been fun! Thank you to the staff and crew of Bandila. 

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  • MiG Ayesa has officially touched down Manila at exactly 10:15pm at NAIA Terminal 1; for Atlantis Productions’ Rock of Ages Manila! 

    Finally the cast is complete and all set to rock! \m/

    Show will be opening on June 15 - July 8, 2012 at RCBC Plaza, Makati. For tickets, call Atlantis Productions at 892 7078 / 840 1187, or visit http://www.atlantisproductionsinc.com

    PS: I was able to ask him what Filipino words he still knows, he answered the usuals mabuhay, mahal kita… and then “kachichas”. I was dumbfounded! Another kengkoy guy I met! :))))

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