AVA is the Philippine’s first invite-only shopping online community that hosts private sales from featured brands, at given dates and timeframes. 

I was fortunate enough (or should I say my look), to be featured on their site. Thus equates of receiving an invite from the photographer himself Ronan Capili. Thank you again! :)

Speaking of SALE, prices may go down from 30% to 70%! No joke. Exciting huh?

Here are their featured brands on sale at current: 

[All photos are from AVA]

Tempting. Yes? Not all that, AVA also features bloggers and other notable fashion personas giving out tips about how-tos and must-haves for basics; ins, outs and its for trends. Coolio eh? ;)

Just tweet me @elleroj or send me an email and I’ll be gladly to send you an invite. Yep, I am not asking for anything in return. All for the love of fashion, blogging and crazy- online shopping! ♡

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